NEOS Surgery S.L. is a certified company of high quality and safety.


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The Cranial LOOP family is now complete...

Cranial LOOP (XL) is the latest addition to our family of cranial fixation devices. Click to know more about our products.

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NEOS Surgery

NEOS Surgery is an innovative and technology-based company dedicated to the research and development of surgical products which occupy a place in the existing niches of the current market.  

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R&D Projects

R&D is at the essence of NEOS Surgery. The company works on innovative devices for cranial, spinal and neurovascular applications.

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The Cranial LOOP family is now complete!

Watch our full range of cranial fixation devices at work in the following video:

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With the addition of Cranial LOOP (XL), the Cranial LOOP family is complete.

This new member of the family acts simultaneously as a cranial fixation device and as a burr hole cover. It thus perfectly complements Cranial LOOP and Cranial LOOP (L), which are placed in the osteotomy line.

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