Cranial LOOP

The first 100% PEEK cranial fixation device

Cranial LOOP features

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The first 100% PEEK cranial fixation device

Cranial LOOP is the first-ever cranial fixation device totally made of PEEK. Its small size is ideal to strongly fix the bone flap through the osteotomy line in small and precise craniotomies.


Cranial LOOP is implanted without any additional instruments. Its unique design makes it a self-cutting device. The surgeon totally controls the bone flap fixation, which is achieved through its fast and easy "pull-and-tighten" action. Using three Cranial LOOPs, a standard bone flap is fixed in less than a minute.

Cranial LOOP's three basic implantation steps

CT / MRI Artifact-free

Cranial LOOP is totally made of PEEK-OPTIMA®. This makes it completely artifact-free in different medical imaging systems, such as X-rays, CT scanning and MRI.

Cranial LOOP is totally artifact-free

High Strength and Safety

NEOS' engineers have developed a unique design which guarantees that Cranial LOOP provides the same fixation strength as similar metallic non-instrument-free cranial fixation devices.

3D Adaptation

Cranial LOOP perfectly adapts to the shape and curvature of the skull, both at the epidural and epicranial regions.

Cranial LOOP adapts to the skull surface

See more details in this video.

 Product combination

All members of the Cranial LOOP family can be used either in combination or stand-alone. Neurosurgeons are able to combine them in the way that best fits each specific craniotomy.

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Clinical and Functional Studies

Cranial LOOP is backed by the following scientific publications:

Article in Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery

Van Loock et al. Cranial bone flap fixation using a new device (Cranial LoopTM). Minim Invasive Neurosurg. 2011; 54 (3): 119-24

Describes the outcome of 35 consecutive patients in which Cranial LOOP was implanted.

Poster for the European Society for Biomaterials

Poster presented at the 24th Meeting of the European Society for Biomaterials (Dublin, 2011).

Describes the key characteristics that PEEK-OPTIMA® gives to the Cranial LOOP family: excellent mechanical behaviour, total lack of artifacts in medical imaging and optimal performance in radiotherapy.

♦ Click to know more about the excellent results of Cranial LOOP (user satisfaction 8/10) in an ongoing clinical trial.

Medical Design Excellence Awards winner

Medical Design Excellence Awards Winner Cranial LOOP was awarded the Gold recognition at the 2011 edition of the MDEA.


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