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BIP-UPy projectThe BIP-UPy project addresses the need for new biomedical implants which can be easily fine-tuned in terms of specific bioactivities, biodegradability and mechanical performance, to better fulfill their clinical requirements.

BIP-UPy, which stands for Bioactive Implantable Polymers based on UreidoPyrimidinone, aims at developing innovative implants based on these materials. Thanks to its improved functionality, these implants will favor an optimized body response, which will ultimately result in a better health for the treated patients and in a reduction of healthcare costs. The resulting bioactive implants will provide new solutions for the treatment of two health conditions: intracranial aneurysms and pelvic organ prolapse. NEOS' role within the project is focused on the creation of the new solution for the treatment of aneurysms.

The project brings together ten partners from five European countries. Universities, technology centres, SMEs, large enterprises and two health institutions collaborate to guarantee a balanced consortium in which research will be properly channelled to achieve clinically relevant results within an optimal time-frame.

FP7 LogoThe project, which started in February 2013 and will last four years, is being co-founded by the European Union within the Seventh Framework Programme (FP/2007-2013).

You will find more information on the project's website,

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